Deep sea fishing:  All necessary equipment is provided and already on the boat.  Mexican fishing licenses are required. Ask about how to obtain one.

Snorkeling: The shack has several snorkeling sets available for use (mask, snorkel and fins), but if you have your own be sure and bring them!  The snorkeling around San Carlos is fantastic.

Scuba Diving: San Carlos is one of the best diving destinations in the world. The Shack has some scuba gear available for rent. Scuba certification required.  The Shack does not provide a dive master at this time and we recommend using one of the local diving outfitters.  Bill is a certified diver and could be persuaded to join you!

Sightseeing:  Lots to see in and around San Carlos!  Just let Bill know where you want to go or what you want to see and the Shackburban will take you there in air-conditioned, 4-wheel-drive, 8.1 liter comfort!

Restaurants:  They are everywhere! Most are good, many are really good and a few we don't really like. We recommend Mexican food, but in San Carlos and Guaymas there is a McDonald's, Burger King and even Chinese food restaurants, too.

Beaches: Our condo is on San Francisco Beach.  It is the best playa (beach) in San Carlos. Check out the flotsam and cool shells that get washed ashore.  You never know what you might find. Pull up a chair and relax to the song of the surf in the evening.

Beach Fishing:  Bring your gear from home.  No license is required for beach fishing and there are fish to be caught!